Against a backdrop of climate change, sustainability is a vitally important issue in construction. Older commercial properties in and around Stuttgart often require significant investment to bring them up to date in terms of energy efficiency. At SkyLoop, that's not an issue. As part of the Stuttgart Airport City development, this office building is subject to the requirements of the fairport codex, and was adapted to the local conditions as early as the planning stage.


FSG, the operators of Stuttgart airport, are committed to acting responsibly and to continuously improving the airport's environmental credentials. The fairport philosophy aims to combine strong business performance with sustainability at the airport.

The fairport codex was drafted to achieve this, acting as a guideline for the entire airport and therefore for Stuttgart Airport City too. The fairport codex focuses on social responsibility, ecological sustainability, environmental protection and careful use of resources.

FSG's efforts have already led to the creation of a waste management center for the site. It works so efficiently that it has been certified as a waste management facility, meaning it can dispose of waste from all businesses at the airport complex. A constant recycling rate of 98% speaks for itself. The Bees located on the airport grounds are another proof of the airport’s good environment. Bees are extremely sensitive to air pollution, making them a good indicator of changes in the air quality. But the bees at the airport display no adverse effects, as does the quality of their honey, which is regularly tested.

All this effort is bearing fruit, proven not just by our busy honey collectors, but also by the 2013 awarding of a gold pre-certification from the German Sustainable Building Council. This award is official recognition of the long-term development in sustainability of Stuttgart Airport City. In a world first, the airport received this certificate for an entire business quarter.


Stuttgart Airport City received the gold pre-certification from the German Sustainable Building Council (Auszeichnungslogik 09/2015). This took the following criteria into account:


The existing infrastructure at Stuttgart Airport City also benefits the SkyLoop in terms of energy supply. Since 2013, power has been provided by a gas-fired combined heat and power station. This has already led to a 23% fall in emissions from heat and energy generation. The energy supply is supported by large solar power systems, such as those installed on the roof of the Bosch parking garage above the A 8 autobahn. These systems cover a total area of around 10,500 m² (113,000 ft²) and generate over 1.5 GWh of electricity every year. If this capacity proves insufficient, all future energy needs will be covered 100% by renewable sources. Good news for both the environment and the bottom line.


Even the best intentions are worthless unless sufficient attention is paid to the building material. One of the factors making an important contribution to achieving the most energy-efficient construction possible at SkyLoop is the building's concrete core activation. This exploits the ability of the walls and ceilings to store thermal energy. Pipe networks in the concrete are used to convey heat, either drawing it out from the building or supplying it from deep underground depending on the time of year. This significantly reduces the level of energy required to heat and cool the SkyLoop.

Cooling elements are also fitted in the ceilings around the edge of the building to augment this procedure. Above all in summer, they ensure that the room temperature stays comfortable and individually controllable. In winter, the pre-conditioned ventilation system prevents the room temperature from falling due to excessive airing. Efficient heat recovery systems pre-heat the cold outdoor air, significantly reducing the energy requirement for reheating the draft air.

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