Studies have shown that people who feel comfortable in their workplace are more productive. That's why SkyLoop offers high quality in its office spaces, facilities and surroundings. Bright and friendly rooms are just the start. Modern technology lets you perfectly control the indoor temperature and air circulation. SkyLoop offers smart infrastructure to meet the high demands of modern business, from transport and accommodation at the Stuttgart Airport City complex to data traffic.


Too hot, too cold, too bright, too dark. The person next to you is too loud, the internet is too slow – anyone who has experienced these disruptive factors knows how much they can prevent you from working productively and comfortably. SkyLoop lets you counter these factors easily with smart building services technology.

A mechanical ventilation system with pre-tempered air helps keep the rooms feeling fresh. The temperature can be adjusted for separate zones and rooms, allowing you to respond to the individual needs of your staff. The outside sun protection, consisting of light metal slats, can also be adjusted on a zonal basis. This prevents the building heating up as a result of the sun's rays. Internal glare protection lets you work on your computer undisturbed.

Acoustically optimized multi-panel ceilings and carpet tiles create pleasant room acoustics by countering reverb effects. High soundproofing values in the facade mean that the inside of the building is completely insulated from the noises of the outside world.

The outdoor areas at SkyLoop are not forgotten either, as proven by the gold pre-certification for the Stuttgart Airport City development awarded by the German Sustainable Building Council. In the era of mobile work, there is nothing to stop you sitting outside with your laptop or tablet to get things done while enjoying the sunshine. The courtyard is designed appropriately to allow for this. Here you can enjoy space to think and come up with creative solutions for the challenges of the working day.


In today's information age, it's natural that internet access is top of the wish list when it comes to quality office facilities. According to surveys carried out by the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce, two thirds of businesses in the Stuttgart region do not have the broadband provision that they need, identifying it as an important factor for the area.

At SkyLoop, you can enjoy fast internet right from the start. Whereas other locations will leave you frustrated with slow data connections, at SkyLoop you can enjoy broadband internet as standard. Fast data transfer rates of 10 or 100 Gbps are possible depending on provider. If required, these can rise to up to 1 Tbps. From uploads and downloads to cloud services and video conferences, anyone who values smooth business processes in global data transfer will be at home at SkyLoop.


The building service facilities are programmable and can be adjusted to meet the respective requirements. The building control system, used to individually regulate the temperature for example, uses EnOcean wireless technology. This makes it possible for businesses to respond even more flexibly and simply to individual needs or the spatial arrangement.

The building and the individual rental areas are connected to the internet and telecommunications via suitable (primary and secondary) cables. Two IT rooms on each floor provide interfaces to the technical equipment. Internet, data and telecommunications information are compiled here, with the technology kept precisely at operating temperature. The IT cables in the rental units are routed through a hollow floor with an installation height of around 40 cm (16") from the second floor (first floor approx. 20 cm/8").


The SkyLoop offers a wide range of facilities to help you and your staff unwind. The many restaurants in the terminals and hotels nearby can cater to any taste or occasion, leaving nothing to be desired. Red Baron offers a wide range of delicacies from grilled specialties and seafood to pasta and salads. Fans of Asian snacks can enjoy Modern Asia, while lovers of Italian cuisine will be well catered for at Puro Gusto. The Leysieffer bistro and café also offers a diverse menu. Those looking for a more authentically German experience can enjoy the "Biergarten" beer garden with its hearty dishes.

Even more sophisticated culinary needs can be fulfilled here. The Top Air restaurant is the only airport restaurant in Germany to have consistently held a Michelin star since 1992. This makes it the perfect setting for those looking to close the deal in impressive surroundings.

Since 2016 an EDEKA supermarket has been making it possible to purchase groceries after work. The airport boasts 30 stores in which to browse, along with post offices, newsagents and bookstores, a drugstore, hair stylist, shoe repair service, tailor and a charging station for electric vehicles.

You'll be pleasantly surprised at how shopping and dining at Stuttgart Airport City is not as expensive as you might think. Staff discount schemes are also available and will be expanded in future.

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