Stuttgart Airport City is a unique service and office complex in one of the most economically prosperous regions in the world. Both the region and the SkyLoop itself give the phrase "good transport links" a whole new meaning. Stuttgart international airport is just a stone's throw away, along with the A 8 autobahn and a bus stop for service and long-distance buses. International train services will also stop here in the coming years. Whether your destination is in the city, the countryside, the region, or on the other side of the world, your means of getting there is just a few steps away. Best of all, you can still benefit from a central address.


Plane, train and road: At SkyLoop, you have all these options at your doorstep. Whatever your destination, Stuttgart Airport City provides you with the best means of getting there. If you want to make your Stuttgart office space the ideal location for business meetings, you will find everything you need right here.

With airlines such as Lufthansa, Air Berlin, British Airways, Condor, Delta, Air France, Germanwings, Turkish Airlines and many more, Stuttgart international airport offers many ways to get from A to B around the world quickly and easily.

The A 8 autobahn also provides a direct connection to many destinations. Whether you use your own car, a rental car from one of the many providers at the airport, or a long-distance bus from the Stuttgart Airport Bus Terminal (SAB), you have direct access to one of the most important east-west transport arteries in central Europe.

Federal highway
Current high-speed rail line
Future high-speed rail line
(completed 2021)
Current regional train line
Future regional train line
(completed 2021)
Current local train line
Future local train line
(completed 2020/2021)
Current tram/subway line
Future tram/subway line
(completed 2019/2020)

A valuable alternative to cars, buses and planes in the intermodal transport mix is of course the train. The coming years will see the construction of a long-distance train station at the airport. One of the new station's entrances will lie directly opposite the SkyLoop. This will make Stuttgart Airport City a fully fledged train hub for long-distance, regional and local train services. There will also be a terminal station for the U 6 tram line.

Having this diverse range of transport so close to the office is a big advantage, helping you get everywhere you need to be. But what if, instead of ever having to leave the building, you could invite everyone to visit you?

Want to organize a meeting with a client? Why not invite them round for a coffee before they continue on their business trip? This means they don't have to plan in extra time to visit you. You and your business are handily located along the way. Being close to your customers has never been so easy.


Whether you choose plane, train or car, Stuttgart Airport City is the perfect place to connect to the next stage of your journey. The timeline below provides an overview of the journey times to certain local and long-distance destinations. Train travel times that include the S21 symbol will apply following completion of the Stuttgart 21 rail project.

Echterdingen2 min

Filderstadt5 min

Leinfelden6 min

Echterdingen10 min

Filderstadt6 min

Leinfelden10 min


Stuttgart - Universität16 min

Böblingen18 min

Leonberg18 min

Nürtingen18 min

Rutesheim20 min


Böblingen22 min S21 11 min

Stuttgart - Stadtmitte25 min S21 18 min

Stuttgart-Hauptbahnhof27 min S21 7 min

Asperg29 min

Bad Cannstatt24 min

Bietigheim-Bissingen30 min

Ditzingen21 min

Esslingen21 min

Feuerbach26 min

Gerlingen21 min

Herrenberg29 min

Ludwigsburg29 min

Metzingen21 min

Reutlingen25 min

Tübingen26 min

Waiblingen28 min

Weil der Stadt25 min

Weilimdorf22 min

Wendlingen22 min


Zürich40 min

Fellbach39 min S21 29 min

Feuerbach42 min S21 23 min

Herrenberg35 min S21 21 min

Waiblingen42 min S21 30 min

Backnang36 min

Calw44 min

Fellbach31 min

Göppingen31 min

Hechingen43 min

Horb am Neckar42 min

Mössingen38 min

Pforzheim35 min

Schorndorf35 min

Vaihingen (Enz)40 min

Winnenden32 min


Frankfurt50 min

Asperg54 min S21 34 min

Bad Cannstatt46 min S21 21 min

Bietigheim-Bissingen56 min S21 26 min

Ditzingen59 min S21 35 min

Esslingen47 min S21 21 min

Gerlingen59 min S21 43 min

Ludwigsburg46 min S21 19 min

Rutesheim58 min S21 45 min

Vaihingen (Enz)55 min S21 37 min

Weilimdorf50 min S21 33 min

Winnenden52 min S21 36 min

Balingen51 min

Geislingen49 min

Heilbronn51 min

Karlsruhe51 min

Neckarsulm53 min

Rastatt59 min

Schwäbisch Gmünd51 min

Ulm51 min


Paris1 h 15 min

Hamburg1 h 15 min

Amsterdam1 h 15 min

Berlin1 h 15 min

London1 h 25 min

Backnang1 h 1 min S21 42 min

Bruchsal1 h 23 min S21 57 min

Calw1 h 20 min

Giengen (Brenz)1 h 29 min S21 1 h 13 min

Göppingen1 h 22 min S21 47 min

Heilbronn1 h 26 min S21 48 min

Horb am Neckar1 h 6 min S21 36 min

Leonberg1 h 6 min S21 42 min

Mannheim1 h 20 min S21 49 min

Metzingen1 h 17 min S21 29 min

Nürtingen1 h 8 min S21 10 min

Pforzheim1 h 15 min S21 52 min

Reutlingen1 h 13 min S21 25 min

Schorndorf1 h 4 min S21 33 min

Schwäbisch Gmünd1 h 19 min S21 39 min

Tübingen1 h 5 min S21 32 min

Weil der Stadt1 h 9 min S21 56 min

Wendlingen1 h 8 min S21 33 min

Aalen1 h 13 min

Baden-Baden1 h 1 min

Biberach1 h 23 min

Bruchsal1 h 3 min

Bühl (Baden)1 h 15 min

Crailsheim1 h 15 min

Donaueschingen1 h 22 min

Eberbach1 h 28 min

Erbach1 h 4 min

Giengen (Brenz)1 h 10 min

Heidelberg1 h 18 min

Heidenheim1 h 12 min

Laupheim1 h 19 min

Mannheim1 h 25 min

Mosbach - Neckarelz1 h 9 min

Rottweil1 h 12 min

Schwenningen1 h 15 min

Sigmaringen1 h 28 min

Villingen1 h 9 min


Belgrad1 h 45 min

Aalen1 h 37 min S21 57 min

Balingen1 h 55 min S21 1 h 12 min

Frankfurt1 h 52 min

Geislingen1 h 39 min S21 1 h 2 min

Hechingen1 h 45 min S21 1 h 0 min

Heidelberg1 h 42 min S21 49 min

Karlsruhe1 h 37 min S21 51 min

Mosbach - Neckarelz1 h 58 min S21 1 h 30 min

Mössingen1 h 36 min S21 52 min

Neckarsulm1 h 33 min S21 52 min

Ulm1 h 47 min S21 29 min

Frankfurt1 h 58 min

Freiburg (Breisgau)1 h 59 min

Konstanz1 h 52 min

Ravensburg1 h 55 min

Singen1 h 33 min

Überlingen1 h 47 min


Bukarest2 h 25 min

Basel2 h 35 min

Prag2 h 40 min

Athen2 h 45 min

Lissabon2 h 45 min

Baden-Baden2 h 8 min S21 1 h 22 min

Biberach2 h 22 min S21 52 min

Bühl (Baden)2 h 21 min S21 1 h 28 min

Crailsheim2 h 10 min S21 1 h 37 min

Donaueschingen2 h 42 min S21 1 h 41 min

Eberbach2 h 23 min S21 2 h 8 min

Erbach2 h 32 min S21 46 min

Freiburg (Breisgau)2 h 45 min S21 2 h 7 min

Heidenheim2 h 10 min S21 1 h 29 min

Laupheim2 h 42 min S21 1 h 0 min

Rastatt2 h 8 min S21 1 h 15 min

Ravensburg2 h 54 min S21 1 h 18 min

Rottweil2 h 2 min S21 59 min

Schwenningen2 h 23 min S21 1 h 20 min

Sigmaringen2 h 32 min S21 1 h 51 min

Singen2 h 42 min S21 1 h 33 min

Villingen2 h 30 min S21 1 h 27 min

Basel2 h 36 min

Friedrichshafen2 h 9 min

Nürnberg2 h 4 min

Zürich2 h 5 min


Moskau3 h 25 min

Dublin3 h 35 min

Amsterdam6 h 7 min

Basel3 h 20 min S21 3 h 1 min

Berlin6 h 21 min

Friedrichshafen3 h 2 min S21 1 h 44 min

Hamburg5 h 58 min

Konstanz3 h 14 min S21 2 h 29 min

Nürnberg3 h 16 min S21 2 h 20 min

Paris4 h 17 min

Prag7 h 29 min

Überlingen3 h 16 min S21 2 h 8 min

Zürich3 h 17 min S21 2 h 59 min


Zeitangaben ohne Gewähr.
Datenquellen: Deutsche Bahn und Google Maps


Instead of investing extra time to rent meeting rooms at the airport, the SkyLoop lets you invite your business partners directly to your office, where they can enjoy a relaxed and confiding atmosphere. You can of course still lease the comfortable rooms at the airport should you require a neutral meeting point.

If one day is not enough time for discussions, there are two four-star hotels right at your doorstep. Both the Wyndham Stuttgart Airport Messe and Mövenpick Stuttgart Airport & Messe have everything your business partners need for a comfortable stay.

In addition, the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre is located just 500 meters from the SkyLoop. The Trade Fair Centre regularly hosts events for a wide range of sectors, such as industry and technology, business and education, and health and medicine. The Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre is an inspirational neighbor, and reflects the economic success of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

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